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How to get Iraq visa?” is one of the most asked question that have been asked in other travel web sites

before we start that you need to know that there is Two types of Visa that allow you to enter Iraq and that is :

IRAQ Visa” will be Valid for all parts of Iraq including Kurdistan region , and you will be able to enter from any of the Iraq airports .

IRAQ Kurdistan VISA” which will be valid only in the Kurdistan part as it shown in the picture below :

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪iraq kurdistan‬‏

Iraq Kurdistan region

in this page we will talk only how to get the “IRAQ Visa” because the
“IRAQ Kurdistan VISA” is easy to get on arrival so before we start you need to know that there is two main ways so get the “IRAQ Visa” , and our company can implement both visas for you depending on your demands , and they are :

  1. Tourist visas to Iraq for individuals
  2. Tourist visas to Iraq for Groups

Tourist visas to Iraq for individuals

if you are planing to visit Iraq for touring or business then you will need to get an individual visa and when we say individual then is mean (1-4 person) , the Tourist visas to Iraq for individuals requirements are :

1-Sponsor invitation letter :

this invitation need to be done by an Iraqi citizen who will be as a sponsor for you during the trip.

2-Approval of the Directorate of Residence:

the sponsor also need to get the final approval from the Directorate of Residence which is related to the ministry of interior after submitting his personal documents belong with his invitation letter and a copy of the passport, the approval usually takes 15-20 working days.

3-Getting the Visa:

after getting the approval then you can get your visa through the Iraq embassy in the country that you live , or you will get the Iraq visa on the arrival in Baghdad international airport also you will be asked to pay Visa fee about 50$ for each person .

Tourist visas to Iraq for Groups

maybe this one is the easiest way to get the IRAQ VISA because this kind of visa you will not be rejected and its not expensive like the Individual Visa but there is some terms you need to know to make this type of VISA :

  1. The Group must be at least 5 persons.
  2. the Group must arrive and depart all in the same time.
  3. The Group must stick with the tour program that mean there is no private tours or visits .

below is the steps that you will need to get the Group IRAQ VISA :

1-Sponsor travel company invitation letter :

you will need to deal with a certificated and authorized Iraq travel agency to submit this kind of VISA .

2-Approval of the Directorate of Residence:

the Iraq travel agency will send to you after 7-10 working days an agreement document signed by the MOI after they finish the submission procedures , a copy of this agreement document will be sent to the Iraq embassy that you live in

3-Getting the Visa:

after you get the agreement document from the Iraq travel agency then you will need one person who represent the group and behalf of them visit the iraq embassy in the country you live in and provide them for the following documents :

  • the Agreement document
  • all group Passports
  • picture for each person
  • a copy of the tour program
  • a copy of the hotel reservation
  • VISA fee about 50$