According to the recent decision of the Iraqi government, starting from 6 March 2021 tourist can visit Iraq and obtain an on-arrival visa at the airport if they are from one of the below countries  :

USA, UK, France, Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Greek, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania Malta, Romain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Japan.

iraq visa
official letter from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior to give the Visa on arrival for 35 country


omeed khalid Posted on 10:09 pm - Jun 26, 2021

hello, i want get Belarus visa

    aknaf Posted on 11:17 pm - Jun 26, 2021

    Unfortunately its not available

Winnie Naugerwa Posted on 11:26 am - Jun 29, 2021

Please I need your assistance in the processing of my visa to iraq.

    aknaf Posted on 8:30 am - Jun 29, 2021

    What kind of help are you looking for , if you need communicate with our team please email us on [email protected]
    WhatsApp +9647809237616

Md Abdul Kuddus Posted on 10:50 pm - Jul 1, 2021

I am Bangladeshi, i live in North Cyprus, i want to visit iraq can it possible at the time.

    aknaf Posted on 7:55 pm - Jul 1, 2021

    Unfortunately visa for Bangladesh nationality is not available

meem Posted on 7:02 pm - Oct 13, 2021

hello there i live in london and i want a visa to iraq to visit a member of family i hold a british travel document

    aknaf Posted on 4:08 pm - Oct 13, 2021

    You can get visa on arrival if you have British passport

Ghaleme Posted on 1:50 am - Oct 21, 2021


    aknaf Posted on 12:13 pm - Oct 25, 2021


Wahid Mohamudbucus Posted on 5:39 pm - Jan 3, 2022

Hello, is visa for Mauritius available on arrival

    aknaf Posted on 6:45 am - Jan 4, 2022

    unfortunately no

San Lwin Oo Posted on 11:59 am - Apr 27, 2022

Very nice.

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